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May 2017

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TVIWWSVMRWTIGXMSRERHIZEPYEXMSR½IPHMRWXEPPEXMSRWYTTSVX modeling software for compressor operators and engineers, training, and more. "If you look at our core business, the two things that ACI is really known for is our compressor cylinder body and component design and manufacturing capability, and our ability to develop, review, and optimize compressor per- formance using eRCM software and performance control products — all associated with reciprocating compressors," WEMH&VELPIV±3YVZMWMSREX%'-MWXSMR¾YIRGIIZIV]VIGMTVS- cating compressor. We do that in a number of ways. We do that through our ability to manufacture and design compres- sor components. We do that through our ability to provide compressor performance. Through this machinery acquisi- tion, we now maintain 100% of our processes in-house." Table 1. Newly Acquired Machinery And Equipment G A S C O M P R E S S I O N © 2016 Sullair, LLC. All rights reserved. Reliability is everything In the Gas Compression Industry Just ask Warren Craddock Sullair gas compression technology is a lot like the people who use it — resilient, durable and devoted until the job is done. It's why Warren relies on it every single day. " We found the Sullair equipment line to be extensive, diverse and extremely reliable, thus meeting the overall demands required on many fronts." To learn more, please contact Warren Craddock Senior Technical Advisor, Bidell Gas Compression High-Pressure Gas End CNC Okuma LC30-2SC - 4-axis turning center - 16-in. dia. x 20-in. long (406-mm x 508-mm) chucker - Studs, air cylinders, volume spacers CNC Hwacheon Hi-Eco 45 - 2-axis turning center - 24-in. dia. x 76 in. (610 mm x 1930 mm) - 3000-lb (1361-kg) capacity between centers - 26-in. dia. x 24 in. (660 mm x 610 mm) - 2000-lb. (907-kg) capacity chucking - Liners, heads, small-cylinder bodies, pistons, piston rods CNC Kia KBN-135 - 5-axis horizontal boring mill - 5.31-in. dia. x 28-in. (134.9-mm x 711-mm) spindle - 118 in. X, 78 in. Y, 63 in. Z (2997.2 mm X, 1981 mm Y, 1600 mm Z) - 22,000-lb. (9979-kg) capacity - Large-cylinder bodies, distance pieces, liners CNC Ex-cello 408 - Horizontal mill - 48 in. X, 36 in. Y, 28 in. Z (1219 mm X, 914 mm Y, 711 mm Z) - 5000-lb. (2268-kg) capacity - Small-cylinder bodies, multi-pocket heads, PAN junctions CNC Okuma and Howa ACT 2SP-3 - Twin spindle chucker - 12 in. x 8 in. (305 mm x 203 mm) - Plate valves, valve covers CNC Mori Seiki NL2500-SMC - Sub-spindle and live tooling capability (]REQMGZEVMEFPISVM½GI(:3)\EGXS8SVUYIRYXWVEHMEPERH poppet valves CNC Mori Seiki NLX4000 - Horizontal lathe &SRRIXWLIEHW(:3TMWXSRW CNC Mori Seiki NHX4000 - Horizontal machining center &SRRIXWG]PMRHIVLIEHWTMWXSRWZEPZIW(:3 CNC Doosan Puma V550M - Vertical lathe with live tooling - Cylinder heads CNC Okuma LB-15 - Horizontal lathe - 10-in. (254-mm) chuck :EPZIWWXYHWNEGOFSPXWWLEJXW CNC Tree 760 - Vertical machining center - 16 in. x 30 in. x 22 in. (406 mm x 762 mm x 559 mm) travel :EPZIWLIEHWQMWG 2 x CNC Tree 840 - Vertical machining center - 15.5 in. x 31.5 in. x 25 in. (393 mm x 800 mm x 635 mm) travel :EPZIWLIEHWQMWG

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