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FABRICATION Reagan's fabrication division utilizes a three-building campus to design, fabricate, and construct complete custom process equipment modules, skids, pressure vessels, structural equip- QIRX XEROW QERMJSPHW WTSSP TMTMRK TVSGIWW ZIWWIPW ¾EVI stacks, and more for onshore and offshore oil and gas produc- tion facilities, gas plants, and other process facilities. "Our shop is an ASME-coded shop," said Sowels. "We do everything in-house from panels to structural skids, to piping, to ASME-coded vessels." Building one is used for structural fabrication and piping. The 18,000-sq.ft. (1672-m 2 ) shop features two 40-ton (36-tonne) double-hoist overhead cranes, two 15-ton (14-tonne) single- hoist overhead cranes, eight bays, and a 39-ft. (12-m) hook height. Building two serves as the company's ASME vessel shop. The 13,000-sq.ft. (1207-m 2 ) facility features eight bays, one 30-ton (27-tonne) double-hoist overhead crane, one 15-ton single- hoist overhead crane, and a 36-ft. (11-m) hook height. 'SRWXVYGXIHMRFYMPHMRKXLVIIMWYWIHJSV½REPEWWIQFP] Measuring 30,000 sq.ft. (2787 m 2 ), the facility has 12 bays, four 40-ton double-hoist overhead cranes, and a 39-ft. hook height. 'IVXM½GEXMSRWMRGPYHI%71)&4VSGIWW4MTMRK'SHI JSV4VIWWYVI4MTMRK%71)&SMPIVERH4VIWWYVI:IWWIP'SHI 7IGXMSR:---(MZMWMSR 6YPIWJSV'SRWXVYGXMSRSJ4VIWWYVI :IWWIPW A ERH%QIVMGER;IPHMRK7SGMIX]%;7(¯7XVYG- tural Welding Code. B 74)'-%08='3%8-2+7 6IEKER4S[IV 'SQTVIWWMSRJSVQIHEWTIGMEPX]GSEXMRKW division to provide coatings solutions for corrosion and ero- sion protection and repair management for the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, pipeline, power, water and wastewater, and manufacturing industries. ±;LIR[I½VWXWXEVXIH'3 2 packaging, we had to quote stain- less steel vessels," said Bellon. "Some of those vessels can be 3 in. (76 mm) thick, which can be very costly. We looked for alterna- tives and realized that we could take a carbon steel vessel and in- ternally coat it with Belzona, which is a product that is designed to protect against CO 2 and H 2 7?L]HVSKIRWYP½HIAERHER]XLMRK corrosive. We began using that product on our vessels in 2006 and have not had a vessel failure due to corrosion." Today, Reagan is a factory-authorized and validated coating ETTPMGEXSVJSV'EVFSPMRI-RXIVREXMSREPXLI8LSVXI\+VSYT 7LIV[MR;MPPMEQW1&IP^SRE*YVREGI1MRIVEP4VSHYGXWERH more. The company has a dedicated 20,000-sq.ft. (1858-m 2 ) coatings shop facility and a mobile spin spray trailer capable of internally lining pipe from 4 to 60 in. (102 to 1524 mm) internal diameter at a length of 2000 ft. (610 m) in one pass. "Our applicators have extensive experience in corrosion control, restoring tanks, internal pipe lining, vessel lining, sec- ondary containment linings, and marine coatings," said Sowels. ±;ITEMVSYVETTPMGEXSVW[MXLVETMHGYVI:3'?ZSPEXMPISV- KERMGGSQTSYRHAJVIITPYVEPGSQTSRIRXGSEXMRKW]WXIQWERH can deliver the properties required by our customers to meet their performance expectations every time." 7)6:-') 7944368 Reagan's service capabilities cover a wide variety of compres- sion, driver, pump, and power generation equipment, including commissioning of new equipment and refurbishment and over- hauls of integral or separable drivers and compression units. 8LIGSQTER]´W½IPHWIVZMGIWHMZMWMSRSTIVEXIWQYPXMTPIXVEMP- ers equipped with tooling and milling capabilities to work on high-speed and slow-speed compression and driver units. The KVSYTMWWXEJJIH[MXLUYEPM½IHLMKLWTIIHWPS[WTIIHMRWXVY- mentation and electrical, and crane and rotation mechanics to perform overhauls, inspections, and preventive maintenance. 033/-2+%,)%( "We are not the old Reagan," said Bellon. "We began as a dis- tributor for Waukesha Engine. We evolved into a market leader in CO 2 -packaged compression. We have been actively diversify- ing the last few years. Today we design, manufacture, fabricate, rent, service, apply internal and external coatings, and sell gas compressor packages, power generation packages, pump pack- ages, parts, ASME pressure vessels, structural fabrication, and midstream oil and gas process equipment." "A lot of doors have been opened as a result of our Ariel partnership," added Sowels. "We will continue to grow. We will continue to provide quality products and services. Our goal is to be truly a one-source provider for the industry." | MAY 2017 35 A 2250-hp (1678-kW) Electric Motor Ariel JGD4 Single-Stage Natural Gas Unit Installed On Location A 2250-hp (1678-kW) Electric Motor Ariel JGD4 Single-Stage Natural Gas Unit A %71)&±4VSGIWW4MTMRK²2I[=SVO2=%71)-RXIVRE- tional, 2016). B %;7((1±7XVYGXYVEP;IPHMRK'SHI7XIIP²1MEQM*0 American Welding Society, 2015).

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