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THE PROBLEM Pulsation is most often created by reciprocating compressors and resonance in system/yard piping. Traditional pulsation control systems use combinations of primary and/or secondary volume bottles, often with complex internal choke XYFIWFEJ¾IWERHGLEQFIVWEW[IPPEWI\XIVREPGLSOIXYFIWERHZEVMSYWSVM½GI TPEXIWMRWXEPPIHEXWTIGM½GPSGEXMSRWMRXLIW]WXIQTMTMRK8LIWIHIZMGIWEGGSQTPMWL pulsation control by adding resistance, or damping, to the system; they can cause WMKRM½GERXW]WXIQTVIWWYVIPSWWIWYTWXVIEQERHHS[RWXVIEQSJXLIGSQTVIWWSV cylinders. Although these systems may be well designed, the resulting pressure PSWWIWVIHYGISZIVEPPW]WXIQIJ½GMIRG] The reduction in pulsation vs. the increase in pressure loss trade-off is tolerable for many high-pressure ratio compressor applications. However, for common pipeline transmission applications having low-pressure ratios (in the range of about 1.1 to 1.6), W]WXIQTVIWWYVIPSWWIWGERWIZIVIP]HIKVEHIXLIGSQTVIWWSVSTIVEXMRKIJ½GMIRG]IW- pecially when higher speed (>600 rpm) compressors are used. 1,2 For example, a 20% PSWWSJIJ½GMIRG]SRERLTO;GSQTVIWWSV[EWXIWLTO; 8LMWPSWWSJIJ½GMIRG]LEWFIGSQIQSVIWMKRM½GERXMRVIGIRX]IEVWEWXLI97 pipeline industry has expanded its use of larger high-speed reciprocating com- TVIWWSVW;MXLXLI[SVPH´WMRGVIEWIHE[EVIRIWWSJXLIRIIHJSVLMKLIVIRIVK]IJ- ½GMIRG]ERHEVIHYGIHGEVFSRJSSXTVMRXRI[QSVIIJ½GMIRXTYPWEXMSREXXIRYEXMSR systems are required now. 8,)73098-32 %VIPEXMZIP]RI[½IPHTVSZIRXIGLRSPSK]4%2*MPXIVWGERFIYWIHXSWSPZI pulsation problems without causing pressure drop or compromising the system IJ½GMIRG] 3 4%2*MPXIVWGERFIYWIHXSEXXIRYEXITYPWEXMSRMRZMVXYEPP]ER]TMT- ing system, including reciprocating compressor suction and discharge headers, YTWXVIEQSJ¾S[QIXIVMRKWXEXMSRWERHYTWXVIEQSVHS[RWXVIEQSJGIRXVMJYKEP compressors. They can be designed to replace most pipeline pulsation control bottles in service today, and they are worthy of consideration as an alternative to bottles for new compressor applications. 8LIETTPMGEXMSRSJ4%2*MPXIVWXSVIGMTVSGEXMRKGSQTVIWWSVWYGXMSRERHHMW- GLEVKILIEHIVWMWXLIJSGYWSJXLMWTEVXMGYPEVTETIV4%2*MPXIVWGERFIETTPMIH to reduce harmful pulsations and associated shaking forces and pipe stresses in reciprocating compressor suction and discharge headers, without causing any sig- RM½GERXTVIWWYVIPSWWIW -RE4%2*MPXIVXLI¾S[WXVIEQEW[IPPEWXLITYPWEXMSRIRIVK]MWGEVIJYPP]ERH equally split into two paths. As explained in detail in a previous paper, 3 a carefully IRKMRIIVIHXYRMRKWIGXMSRXVERWMXMSRW878GSPPIGXSVHMVIGXWLEPJSJXLITYPWEXMRK ¾S[XLVSYKLEPSSTSJTMTIERHXLISXLIVLEPJSJXLITYPWEXMRK¾S[TEWWIWWXVEMKLX XLVSYKLXLI878GSPPIGXSV8LI4%2*MPXIV´WTVMQEV]GERGIPPEXMSRJVIUYIRG]MWXLI JVIUYIRG]XLEXLEWE[EZIPIRKXLSJX[MGIXLIHMJJIVIRGIMRXLIX[S¾S[TEXLPIRKXLW MIXLITEXLXLEXMRGPYHIWXLIPSSTSJTMTIERHXLITEXLWXVEMKLXXLVSYKLXLI878 RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR PULSATION CONTROL USING PAN FILTERS PULSATION CONTROL ACHIEVED WITHOUT PRESSURE DROP BY JOHN J. BAZAAR, W. NORM SHADE, GLEN F. CHATFIELD, AND DALE WELLS EDITOR'S NOTE This is part three of a series of technical papers on PAN technology. Part one – "New Paradigms For Pulsation Attenuation, Com- TVIWWMSR)J½GMIRG]%RH-RGVIEWIH+EW*PS[² – appears in the July 2016 issue of Gas Compression Magazine, p. 26. Part two – "PAN Hi-Performance Compressor Mani- JSPHW²¯ETTIEVWMRXLI%YKYWXMWWYI of Gas Compression Magazine, p. 12. Both papers can also be found online at www. %&3988,)%98,367 John J. Bazaar is Manager of Engineer- ing Development at ACI Services Inc. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Union College. W. Norm Shade is Sr. Consultant and President-Emeritus of ACI Services Inc. He received BME and MSME degrees from The Ohio State University, graduat- ing Summa Cum Laude in 1970. *OHQ)&KDW¼HOG is President of Opti- mum Pumping Technology and Optimum Power Technology. He holds a BS in en- gineering science from Pennsylvania State University. Dale Wells is Manager of Engine Man- agement Systems R&D at Optimum Pow- er Technology. He holds a BS in math and computer science from Penn State. For more information: email | OCTOBER 2016 30

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