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October 2016

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NEW BOOTH We've got a brand new booth! #gascompressionmagazine #lovethatnewboothsmell WELCOME That's Us! #sitevist #businesstravel #excitedbythelittlethings PRINTING SUPPLIES %RH[IXLSYKLXSYVSJ½GI printer used a lot of sup- plies! Staple spools (top left), paper (top right), and ink (bottom left). #TimesPrinting #magazineprinter PRESS POOL The other side of the image. How press photos are made. #businesstravel #presspool L A G N I A P P E SOUTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE 8MQI¾MIW[LIR]SY´VIEHZERGMRK WGMIRGIERHXIGLRSPSK] ,ETT]XLFMVXLHE]7;6- $7[6- OTC $38',SYWXSR 'LIGOSYXXLMWZMRXEKI38' VIKMWXVEXMSRTLSXS'ER]SY KYIWWXLI]IEV# 8&838' BP $&4CTPG 7S8,%8´7[LEX´WEXXLIIRHSJE VEMRFS[SYV8LYRHIVLSVWITPEX JSVQMRXLI97+YPJSJ1I\MGS FAVORITE TWEETS INSTAGRAM $+EW'SQTVIWWMSR1 $XLMVHCGSEWXCTYFPMWLMRK la . gniappeP͖R]͖T 2SYR%PMXXPIWSQIXLMRKI\XVE

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