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November 2016

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Page 16 of 51 | NOVEMBER 2016 15 T he Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer measures dy- namic data relative to crank position and then ap- plies the principles of thermodynamics and science to The Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer shortens the amount of time an operator is exposed to hazardous environments around reciprocating machinery while taking measurements. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW WINDROCK 6400 PORTABLE ANALYZER precisely assess machinery condition and performance. The portable analyzer utilizes multiple sensor technologies to collect data degree-by-degree with respect to crank angle. Measurement points include in-cylinder pressure, vibra- tion on the frame, crosshead and cylinder, ultrasonic on the valves and injectors, proximity of rod movement, and angu- lar velocity of the crankshaft. In additional to the crank-angle-based vibration necessary for reciprocating machinery evaluation, Windrock analyzers incorporate the time waveform and FFT tools for evalua- tion of rotating machinery. All Windrock analyzers utilize Windrock MD software for trending, reporting, and analysis. According to the com- pany, Windrock MD software serves as a single data reposi- tory for all reciprocating and rotating information, allowing data to be shared between analysts for collaboration and consultation with industry experts. Windrock MD software also is the analysis application used with Windrock Platinum and On-Guard online systems. Windrock analyzers and software allow its users to as- sess the mechanical condition, performance, and economic return of reciprocating compressors and engines. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW WINDROCK 6400 PORTABLE ANALYZER precisely assess ma portable analyzer u collect data degree Measurement poin tion on the frame, c valves and injectors lar velocity of the c In additional to th for reciprocating m incorporate the tim tion of rotating mac

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