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September 2017

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Continued on page 22 ±8LIFIRI½XWEVIMQQIRWI8]TMGEPP] human expertise is involved in going site to site and visiting these assets and capturing their information, com- ing back, doing analyses, and then do- ing the report," said Robinson. "As you can imagine, the moment a human being WXITWSYXMRXSXLI½IPH[IEVII\TSWMRK them to safety risks. By automating this whole process and moving this informa- tion to a central cloud depository, Win- drock Enterprise reduces the amount of time these operators need to spend MRXLI½IPH%HHMXMSREPP]F]EKKVIKEXMRK multiple assets together, Windrock En- terprise can provide a more holistic KPI [key performance indicator] view for decision making. So now you're not just deciding on how one particular asset is performing, but if you have 1500 units across a pipeline, you might be able to | SEPTEMBER 2017 21 Ali Raza, president, Dover Energy Automation look at it quickly and say, 'which out of the 1500 need attention right now?'" "Windrock provides analyzers for the industry," said Ali Raza, president of DEA. "Its focus has always been around reciprocating compressors, rotating equipment, and rotation monitoring, which is part of the solution. They have developed some wonderful expertise over the years and have grown from 1.800.722.0250 WHEN MACHINES STOP, PROBLEMS START. Sloan's Service is the key to Ôamless comfressor oferation. Let our certi\ieZ lubrication technicians visit your location anZ conZuct a survey o\ all your lubrication systems. It's a simfle" time#savin] evaluation that mill ]ive you feace#o\#minZ" anZ a mell#runnin] comfressor. COMPRESSOR LUBRICATION SYSTEMS

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