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December 2017

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E lliott Group will combine operation of Ebara International Corporation's Cryodynamics Divi- sion (EIC Cryo) based in Sparks, Nevada, USA, with its operations in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, USA. Inte- gration of EIC Cryo into Elliott Group will take place over the next 24 months. EIC Cryo will continue to operate under that name and will be operated as one of four business units within Elliott Group – Indus- trial Products (small steam turbines, steam turbine generators, system packaging, and auxiliary systems); Engineered Products (centrifugal and axial compres- sors, large steam turbines, hot gas expanders); Global 7IVZMGIWIVZMGIGIRXIVW½IPHWIVZMGIIRKMRIIVIHWS- lutions, spare parts); and EIC Cryo (cryogenic pumps and expanders). "After careful review, we recognized the shared synergies in markets, product lines, and customer base," said Tadashi Urata, CEO of Ebara International Corp. "The integration of EIC Cryo into Elliott will MQTVSZIIJ½GMIRG]TVSZMHIEWMQTPM½IHGYWXSQIVI\- perience, and preserve shareholder value." Elliott Group designs, manufactures, and services centrifugal compressors, steam turbines, power re- covery expanders, and axial compressors used in XLITIXVSGLIQMGEPVI½RMRKSMPERHKEWERHTVSGIWW industries, as well as in power applications. The com- pany employs 2600 people in 40 locations around the world. Elliott Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebara Corp., a major industrial conglomerate head- quartered in Tokyo, Japan. EIC Cryo manufactures custom-engineered cryo- KIRMGTYQTWERHI\TERHIVWJSVXLIPMUYI½IHKEWMR- dustries. EIC Cryo pumps are applied in three distinct con- ½KYVEXMSRW 7IVZMRKEFSEVHPMUYI½IHREXYVEPKEW02+GEVVM- ers as cargo, spray, and emergency pumps (Model EC). The pumps are stationary-mounted at tank This EIC Cryo LX10-16, 4-stage cryogenic upward ¾S[I\TERHIVMWMRWXEPPIHMRE¾SEXMRK02+JEGMPMX]

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